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Why ReturnUrl from login page doesn’t work and how to fix it

Common mistake or misunderstanding why login action doesn’t have ReturnUrl value, even if there is string parameter with value in the page URL. If you think about it more, you will get it – ReturnUrl  is in the page URL but not in the action URL of the login form. The trick is to pass this parameter to the form inputs or action URL parameters be submitted with login form request. It’s very easy to do with MVC.

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Routing and Areas in MVC

Nowadays almost every web solution has backend management system like Admin Panel, Control Center, Dashboard, etc. In WebForms you can create folder and put security restriction to it. How about MVC? To achieve same functionality and for even better organization of solution structure you can use Areas. (Organizing an ASP.NET MVC Application using Areas). You can find a lot of information about using areas in MVC. I just want to show you how to use routing rules in solution contains areas.

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