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jQuery Unobtrusive Ajax in ASP.NET MVC 3

Let’s talk today a little bit about very useful and easy to use in MVC 3 jQuery library called jQuery.Ajax.Unobtrusive. With a MVC 1 and 2 Microsoft provide library to work with AJAX requests. Already then was created Ajax helper to render form and link with unobtrusive parameters for AJAX requests. But these parameters were handled only by MicrosoftMvcAjax JavaScript library. The problem is that this library is what a lot of users doesn’t want it to use. Instead, they prefer to use jQuery – “write less, do more”. With MVC 3 situation become better. Microsoft released jQuery.Ajax.Unotrusive JavaScript library. I will show you how easy we can make AJAX form (or action link) with Ajax helper and the JavaScript library.

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Create command line automated build for MVC app with msbuild 4 OR Visual Studio 2010 Publish command for msbuild Command line

I always wanted to have ability build or deploy my website with one run of the .bat or .cmd file. Of course there is software for this like Cruise Control or AntHill for example. But just for one small blog or website you don’t want to spend a lot of time for installing and configuring of these heavy tools.

So I always wanted to have "Publish" function from Visual Studio as a command line. And I found it! So let me share with you my experience how to build command line automated build for MVC web app.

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MVC Custom Error Pages

In previous article I shown you how to use log4net to log errors and redirect to custom error page. The problem in this approach is redirection. It’s not good for SEO to make redirection to custom error page.

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How to Deploy an ASP.NET MVC 3 App to Web Hosting with "\bin Deployment"

If your hosting provider don’t support MVC 3 but have MVC 2 installed you still can deploy your web app. Solution is simple – MVC 3 files should be in Bin folder of your solution. Here is the list:


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How to: Turn on MVC compiled views or Turning on views compilation

Turning on views compilation will tell the compiler to compile your views and you will catch any errors (in views code) whenever you compile. Very handy and saves sometime. Unfortunately, it does add some time to the build process. If you have a lot of views, this could be lengthy, so you may want to disable this later.

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Image + ActionLink = Html.ImageActionLink

If you want to put image inside link using HTML.ActionLink you can use next nice implementation of extension method:

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ASP.NET MVC Razor - output HTML string non escaped

How do you show (safe) HTML saved in DB in a Razor view? It always escapes stuff like <.

Supposing your content is inside a string named mystring...

In releases from Beta 2 and earlier you can do:

@(new HtmlString(mystring))

In releases after Beta 2 you will be able to do:



ASP .NET MVC 3: JQuery validation and Data Annotation or Unobtrusive Client Validation

In previous article I’ve show you how to validate form using jQuery validation plugin and view model Data Annotations. With MVC 3 Microsoft have implemented jQuery validation referring to standard Data Annotation attributes. Let me show you how to use it in simple example.

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